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Twin Hills Lotus "Ronja" 6 weeks pregnant

Planned mating in november 2016


Twin Hills Lotus


EE JCH Allettes Royal Odon Fatalae


Interested in puppies?

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The Breed Archive, Whippet


Twin Hills Princess Calma,

BIS baby puppy at The Swedish Sighthound Club show October 9th 2016.

BIS judge Mr Tony Rainey, Ireland.

Photo: Elisabeth M. Flygar



Pictures from Tånga Hed

The Swedish Sight Hound Show,

where kennel Twin Hills was BIS breeders group.

Judge Katrin Raie Estonia

Photo and © Anita Sandqvist



Twin Hills Micky CAC best male 2 at The Swedish Sighthound Club

March 20 2016. Judge Ms Tina Permo

Our whippets participate in this

Eurovision winner song 1999

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